Creativity and Work

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Creativity and Work
Creativity and Work

Contains Dr. Jaques' essay on his well known conception of "Midlife Crisis"

The underlying theme of these essays is that analysis of the social and psychological conditions for work and creativity can offer valuable insight into almost every human activity. The major recurring issues are on the one hand the effect of social institutions on the mental state of the individual, and on the other the contribution which the particular psychological characteristics of the individual can make for the good of society.

Its contents include: the science of society; the human consequences of industrialization; task complexity; learning for uncertainity; theses on work and creativity; the work-payment-capacity nexus; the conscious, preconscious, abd unconscious experience called time; time and the measurement of human attributes; quantification in the human sciences; disturbances in the capacity to work; a contribution to a discussion of Freud's 'group psychology'; psychotic anxieties and the sense of justice; guilt, conscience, and social behavior.

First published 1970; revised 1990
Spiral Bound Photocopy

ISBN# 1-886436-06-1