International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies 2006

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2006 Volume 3 Number 4 ISSN 1742-3341
International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies 2006

Special Issue Elliott Jaques 2: Further Applications and Developments

Guest Editor: Douglas Kirsner

277 Guest Editorial:Douglas Kirsner

279 Organizational Defenses Against Anxiety: What Has Happened Since The 1955 Jaques Paper? -Susan Long

296 Values, Mutual Trust and Terrorism - Elliott Jaques

299 Root Values for a Global One-World: Darwinian Biology and Social Etymology- Elliott Jaques and Kathryn Cason

308 A Modest Proposal: A Testable Differentitation Between Third- and Fourth- Order Information Complexity - Kathryn Cason, Alison Brause and Matthew Daude Laurents

325 Requisite Organization Theory and Employment Relations - Bruce Hearn Mackinnon

336 The Form of Time: A Special Theory for the Human Sciences-Martyn Dyer-Smith

348 Tales From The Field: Using Requisite Organization Theory in Potential Assessment-Meredith Doig