Requisite Organization

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Requisite Organizati
Requisite Organization

A Total System for Effective Managerial Organization & Managerial Leadership for the 21st Century

In the global business world Jaques' unified whole system, Requisite Organization, stands as a beacon for a scientific approach to understanding the organization of work systems. Based on Jaques' latest research, this edition is a thorough revision of the original Requisite Organization (1989), a book that has established itself as the outstanding contribution to the development of effective managerial leadership systems. Jaques has written a practical high-level, how-to book, that applies to all kinds of working organizations---industrial, commercial, service and public. It sets out a totally new way of doing business.Step by step, Jaques builds up the concepts, and then sets out the working procedures to enable CEOs, managers, and HR specialists, to develop requisite organization----that is to say, organization which enhances creativity, productive effectiveness, human satisfaction and morale.

First published 1989,
Second Edition 1996
Revised Second Edition 1998
Revised Second Edition Memorial Hardcover 2006,
Illustrated, 336 pages

ISBN# 1-886436-04-5